At Prince Lobel, we value your unique talents and career goals, and help you take the steps to succeed.

                    REAL OPPORTUNITIES

                    At Prince Lobel, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering a professional environment that allows for experiential legal practice, collaboration, and exceptional growth opportunities. With more than 80 of the best and brightest attorneys, we serve our diverse client base through a wide variety of practices, for both corporations and individuals. We focus on building small, focused client teams and developing creative solutions for our clients’ legal needs.


                    Having our workforce represent the diversity of our client base is important in this changing market. Our attorneys encompass a broad range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and represent many top law schools throughout the nation. We see great reward in having a diverse attorney group with a variety of perspectives and talents, and we focus our recruiting efforts on keeping the diversity thriving. Prince Lobel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

                    ATTORNEY BENEFITS

                    Prince Lobel?offers real work-life balance, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits.

                    • Health, dental, and vision insurance
                    • Full benefit of life, short-term and long-term disability, and long-term care insurance
                    • Same-gender domestic partner benefits
                    • Parental leave and other paid leaves of absence
                    • Dependent care and health care flexible spending account
                    • Transportation benefits through pre-tax deductions, including public transportation, parking, etc.
                    • Tuition reimbursement
                    • Reimbursement for bar association dues
                    • Profit sharing plan and 401K plan
                    • 401K matching contributions
                    • Approximately 11 paid holidays per year
                    • Quality awards

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